You Won't Believe How Much Hulk Hogan Won In The Gawker Case!

via hot969boston.com

By now, you've probably heard about Hulk Hogan's infamous sex tape, which led to him having a difficult year or so, and that Hogan is fighting back against Gawker, who leaked that tape. Well, Hogan is getting paid handsomely for the trauma, as he won he the trial and will receive $115 million because of it. It breaks down like this: $55 million for the economic damages and $65 million for the emotional distress, according to CNN.

If you're wondering how The Hulkster is feeling, here's what he Tweeted:

As much as we don't agree with the sentiments that got Hogan into trouble, we believe in privacy and are happy that Hogan was able to win the case.

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