The Young Bucks Want A Match Against Jericho And Mysterio

Chris Jericho may have failed to take out Kenny Omega, but could he get a shot at beating The Young Bucks sometime in the near future?

Last week, the wrestling world bore witness to one of the biggest matches of the past few years, at least outside of the four walls of WWE. Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega went one on one inside the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom 12 and the world was watching. The Cleaner managed to emerge victorious, but take nothing away from either man, they left everything in the ring.

While a rematch may happen somewhere down the line, for now, both men seem to be going their own separate ways. Omega has since attempted to recruit a new member to the Bullet Club in Jay White, but that backfired while Y2J has remained in New Japan and set his sights on one of the promotion's top guys, Tetsuya Naito.


Most fans might have thought that it was going to be one and done for Jericho in New Japan but apparently not, and now that'll have fans fantasy booking a litany of matches for the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion. In fact, Bullet Club members The Young Bucks have been doing a little fantasy booking of their own. SPLX Apparel tweeted a recent photo of Jericho and Rey Mysterio together. Nick Jackson retweeted the photo with the caption "would love to wrestle these guys in a tag."

The Young Bucks versus the team of Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio is one that will have fans from various generations foaming at the mouth. Plus, it is probably one that all parties involved would like to make happen. Jericho and The Bucks are closer than ever of course, plus Mysterio recently said that wrestling in the Tokyo Dome is one of the last things left on his bucket list. This match would certainly be worthy of gracing that prestigious building.


While Jericho is sticking around in New Japan for longer than most would have thought, it's still unclear as to how long he will hang around and how many matches he will have. If Y2J is going to stick around for the foreseeable future then there is no reason why this dream tag match can't happen somewhere down the line, even if it isn't a televised affair.

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