The Young Bucks Poke Fun At WWE Over Saudi Arabia Delay

The Young Bucks had a bit of fun at WWE's expense during the latest episode of the Being The Elite YouTube series.

News of WWE stars getting delayed in Saudi Arabia following Crown Jewel nearly two weeks ago dominated the airwaves for a while and, even in the wake of the promotion announcing a new deal with the Middle Eastern nation, you'd struggle to find a handful of people who buy the mechanical failure story.

The delay saw to it that WWE stars were unable to get back to the US in time for SmackDown the following day, given that they were kept in Saudi for around 24 hours after they planned to leave. The NXT roster was made to fill in and actually saved the day.

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The 179th episode of Being The Elite presented fans with some unseen footage from last Wednesday's Dynamite as well as the recent Full Gear PPV. The show started with The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes throwing shirts into a crowd before celebrating a fan's birthday in the ring.

That segment was followed up by footage of Nick and Matt Jackson waiting for a flight at the airport. They referenced the "elephant in the room," which is the phrase Corey Graves used to bring up the Saudi delay on WWE podcast, After the Bell.

They also went on about a "hostage situation" during their own "delay," making mention of being stuck in a "lawless desert." Matt told his brother that they're simply laid over in Dallas and will be on a flight soon enough but that wasn't enough to get Nick to relax.

“I might not be able to see my kids ever again," he joked. "I’m scared to death, it could be up to 24 hours that we’re stuck here.”

“Due to mechanical issues, this flight has been delayed," he said in a robotic tone later on.

Nick also mocked WWE's lashing out at journalists who reported on the incident.  “Please refrain from listening to all the dirt sheets," he quipped.

Might As Well...

Considering WWE's official reason for the flight getting delayed, folks might as well make light of the situation.

If it was indeed due to sinister causes, then they can't really mind if anyone decides to poke fun.

Transcription: via Sescoops.com

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