Young Bucks Reply To WWE's Bullet Club Tweet In Hilarious Way

If you're still unsure as to whether WWE have formed their very own branch of the Bullet Club, here are a couple of things that may confirm it.

Finn Balor had been treading water on Raw for quite a while with not much direction and no title shots. Then on Raw this week, the Irishman was discussing a six man tag match he had later in the evening with Kurt Angle and that he had found some suitable partners for the bout, fellow Bullet Club alumni Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.


The three good friends - or good brothers - were victorious in Monday night's main event as they saw off the team of Elias and The Miztourage. The reunion of the three on WWE soil is probably nothing to get excited about, right? Well judging by what has gone on since maybe it is. Shortly after the match on a Raw fallout video posted to WWE's YouTube channel, Balor seemingly confirmed their union saying that 'the boys are back in town'.

Someone in charge of the WWE UK Twitter account also made what was probably a slip up shortly after the six man tag match. The tweet actually stated that the Bullet Club were back together and it didn't take long for The Young Bucks to get wind of it and send a suitable reply. The Bucks posted a photo of their Cease and Desist t-shirt design. That tweet remains at the time of typing this but the original one from WWE UK seems to have been deleted.

As if all of that wasn't already enough, Balor posted a photo to his own Twitter of himself with Anderson and Gallows along with the caption 'The more things change....The more they stay the same'. The caption also includes an OGBC hashtag which we're assuming is a reference to the three men in the photo being three of the original members of the Bullet Club when they all competed in New Japan Pro Wrestling together.

The match alone may have simply been a one off, but with everything listed above it feels like it may be the beginning of much, much more. Here's hoping it is anyway since all three men have been booked poorly as of late. It's very unlikely that WWE will be allowed to use the name Bullet Club, but a Monday Night Raw that includes a Balor Club made up of these three gentlemen would be a great consolation prize.


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