The Young Bucks Reveal Who They Want To Join The Bullet Club Next

The Young Bucks are eager to have former WWE superstar CM Punk join their roster.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, The Young Bucks played host to a bunch of topics, from building their own brands to whether or not they’d ever consider working in the WWE. But one of the biggest bombs of the conversation was who they’d love to add to Bullet Club’s roster next.

Bullet Club is arguably the biggest wrestling stable in the world with the now iconic “Bone Soldier” logo appearing on t-shirts even within WWE events. The stable is no stranger to sniping top talent that the WWE has let languish with Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes both leaving the pro wrestling titan to join the upstart stable.


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Now the Bucks are letting it be known that CM Punk has an open invitation to come join Bullet Club.

"We would love to work with CM Punk,” said Nick Jackson, while Matt nods his assent. "I think it's just a matter of time for him to realize that he's missed so much. I don't think he realizes that the fans would just be so happy to see him back."

At the height of his career, CM Punk was the darling of the WWE. He’d go on to win almost every belt the WWE has, becoming the World Heavyweight Championship three times, the WWE Championship twice, World Tag Team Championship once, and Intercontinental Championship once as well. He is the 19th wrestler to become the WWE Trip Crown Champion for winning the latter three belts and was the fastest wrestler ever to accomplish the feat.

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Punk left the WWE in 2014 for health reasons, revealing in a later interview that he was forced to compete with broken ribs, knee injuries, and a persistent staph infection that had been misdiagnosed by the WWE doctor. At the time he vowed to never perform in pro wrestling again.


The Young Bucks are never one to take “no” for an answer though and have been in conversations with Punk to come out of retirement and wrestle with Bullet Club. As Matt tells it, "He knows that there's an offer there and he knows that I'm the first phone call that he should make if he decides to get back into the business.”

They also mentioned Daniel Bryan as another former WWE wrestler they’d love to turn to the indie scene but stopped short of offering him a Bullet Club membership. “I don't see him necessarily joining Bullet Club, but he'd be a fun guy to wrestle or to work with or whatever,” said Matt.

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