The Young Bucks Tweet CM Punk Potential T-Shirt Design

The Young Bucks tweeted a potential t-shirt design to CM Punk featuring Punk's colors and logo merged with the Bullet Club emblem.

CM Punk has been gone from WWE and pro wrestling in general for three and a half years now, yet for some reason, talk of him returning to the squared circle is cropping up more than ever before. WWE is reportedly open to their former World Champion returning to the company, Ring Of Honor have said that their door is always open, and now it seems that a place in the Bullet Club is also up for grabs for Punk.


The Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson, are renowned for stirring up a storm when it comes to the pro wrestling universe. They often take digs at WWE and are in an ongoing online feud with The Revival. Well, the latest thing they've done is gotten the wrestling world talking about potentially recruiting CM Punk to their infamous Bullet Club. It's the most exclusive club in the business, and evidently, Matt wants Punk to be a part of it.

One-half of the Young Bucks took to Twitter and posted a screenshot of a potential t-shirt design featuring a CM Punk themed Bullet Club logo. The logo, pictured above, features what you might find on any other Bullet Club merchandise, but rather than the logo being in plain white it features the red stars and blue stripes that would don Punk's wrestling gear. Matt went ahead and tagged the Chicago native in the tweet asking him to check out his handy work.

As mentioned above, this isn't the first time in the past month or so that Punk has been the subject of pro wrestling talk. The Bullet Club is just the latest in a long line to try and coax the Straight Edge Superstar back into a wrestling ring. If that is ever going to happen though, it still feels like it'll be a long way off. Punk was recently offered $1 million dollars to wrestle in the UK and seemingly had no problem turning the offer down.


If Punk isn't going to return to WWE, then the next best thing would be his recruitment to the Bullet Club. It is without a doubt the hottest thing in wrestling outside of WWE right now, and the addition of Punk to their ranks would give them some unbelievable traction. Posting a t-shirt design featuring his colors is far from recruiting him though, and if a pro wrestling Punk return is somewhere down the line, it feels like it is still a long way off.

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