How The Young Bucks Helped With WWE 2K18 After The Cease And Desist

WWE 2K contacted The Young Bucks about working for them just one day after they were issued with a cease and desist by WWE.

The battle between WWE and The Young Bucks is getting pretty heated, likely even more heated than either side ever imagined it would do. Matt and Nick Jackson have made it abundantly clear that they do not like WWE on multiple occasions. They may very well be the hottest act in pro wrestling outside of WWE right now, and seemingly the only ones that are completely impervious to Vince McMahon's offers.

The latest chapter in the saga between these two entities revolves around the Too Sweet hand gesture The Bucks use. Previously used by members of the nWo, who have openly said they don't mind The Bucks and The Bullet Club using it, WWE issued a cease and desist claiming that the gesture belongs to them. The reaction was likely in retaliation to Nick and Matt showing up on Raw's doorstep a couple of weeks ago.


Well, it turns out that just 24 hours after The Young Bucks were issued with the cease and desist, 2K approached the brothers about doing some work for them. According to The Wrestling Observer the video game producers wanted to bring The Bucks in to do some motion capture work. Matt and Nick were created so often in WWE 2K17 that the creators want to have their moves on file so they can be included in the game for anyone wishing to create the wrestlers on next year's edition of the game.

The Young Bucks are not the type to shrink into the shadows when challenged by the juggernaut that is WWE. The cease and desist issued by the company only spurred Matt and Nick to release more Too Sweet related merchandise as well as a line of products revolving around the cease and desist itself. The fact that a video game company associated with WWE  will only have furthered their delight at poking the bear.



The fact that WWE and 2K are not only willing to cater to The Young Bucks and their fans, but actively sought out the brothers comes as a bit of a surprise. You'd have thought that WWE has quite a lot of say in what 2K does and don't include in their video games, and that they wouldn't be too pleased with the sports game franchise bringing The Bucks in to effectively work under the WWE umbrella, sort of.

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