Young Goddess: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Alexa Bliss' Youth

Over the past few years, Alexa Bliss has become one of the fastest rising stars in WWE. Alexa made history back at Payback when she became the first woman to have held both the WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown Women's Championships.

Alexa was also the first ever two-time SmackDown Women's Champion and walked into this year's WrestleMania with the title around her waist. She wasn't able to walk out with the title as well, but as her first ever WrestleMania match to walk in as champion, was a huge accolade for the former bodybuilder.

Alexa may only be 25-years-old, but her younger years are actually some of the most interesting of any WWE Superstar. Alexa even recently appeared on Chris Jericho's 'Talk is Jericho" podcast where she talked more in-depth about her childhood and about some of the things that she went through before she was hired by WWE and made the switch over to professional wrestling.

There are some well-known things that the WWE Universe already know about Alexa's youth, but here is a list of 15 facts that many of the WWE Universe probably didn't know about Alexa and the things she got up to while she was growing up.

15 She Used to Get Sent Home From School Because Of Her Hair Colour

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When she was younger Alexa used to love having different colours in her hair and often got sent home from school because she had hair colours in her hair. She stated that she didn't actually dye her hair, she just had different pieces in there and refused to take them out.

When she first debuted in WWE she had three colours of purple hair and then decided to dye it back to blonde with blue hair, but when she turned heel she was forced to change it to red. She stated that she turned up to NXT the day after she turned heel and was told that she had to dye her hair red in five hours before the show went live and she almost wasn't ready in time for the show.

14 She Submitted Her Own Tape To WWE

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After college Alexa was doing bodybuilding and had her pro-card but decided that she didn't want to be a professional bodybuilder because it was a new level completely. Her trainer told her at the time that WWE was having a tryout and there was a link online for her to submit her own video and send it in.

She said that she tried to cut promos on it and take bumps despite not having any wrestling experience and didn't think anything would come of it. She was later invited to a second interview in LA, where she said she felt out of her depth because there were so many tall, attractive models there. She said that she passed the interview and was then invited back but WWE decided that she didn't need to do another tryout they were just going to sign her. They were impressed that she submitted her own thing, most other females submitted through a casting agent.

13 She Is A Huge Horror Movie Fan

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Alexa has been known to dress up like Freddy Kruger many times in NXT and even decided to include it on SmackDown for Halloween last year. When she appeared on The Talk is Jericho podcast she and Jericho talked about how much they enjoyed horror movies and listed her favourite one as Children of the Corn.

She stated that she likes the characters in horror movies like Chucky, Freddy Kruger, and Malikai but the movies themselves actually scare her. She said that The Omen actually traumatized her forever because she saw the film when she was little and it has managed to freak her out ever since and now she's scared of any time a person is hanging. Which bothers her because there is a person in The Haunted Mansion in Disney World. She does love The Blair Witch Project though.

12 She Loves To Cosplay

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This has perhaps become obvious over the past few years since Alexa became well known for Cosplaying when she began dressing as Harley Quinn. Alexa has also dressed up as Freddie Kruger, Superwoman, Ironman, and The Riddler during her time in WWE and says that she has many more up her sleeve.

Alexa stated that there is no one who forces her to do this, this is just something that she wanted to do herself because she loved Marvel and DC and is a huge comic book fan. It will be interesting to see which new Cosplaying characters Alexa comes up with now she's Raw Women's Champion. She also stated that she loved it when people tweeted her and told her that they were Cosplaying as different versions of her.

11 Alexa Has Been Visiting Disneyland Since She Was Three-Year-Old

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Alexa is a huge fan of all things Disney. Her mother is quite young and made the decision to begin taking Alexa to Disneyland every year when she was three-years-old. This is something that the family still manage to find time to do every year, despite Alexa's job and the fact that she doesn't always have time.

Alexa stated that it was always a struggle for her young parents when she was growing up because money was always tight but they were always able to find a way to pay for her to do the things she loved. The annual visits to Disneyland always gave her something to look forward to despite the amount of problems and obstacles she faced in her younger life. She also credits her parents support as one of the reasons she managed to get as far as she has in her career.

10 Her Mother Wouldn't Allow Her To Watch Wrestling

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Alexa stated that her mother stopped her from watching WWE in the Attitude Era because at one point her mother asked her to clean her bedroom and she told her that she had two words for her. Alexa was hoping to recreate the famous DX chant/crotch chop but her mom was not impressed and instead told her that she was grounded.

Alexa's mother is quite young and the duo look like sisters when they are together. So she was only trying to keep the bad influences out of Alexa's life. But it seems that Alexa's grandmother was still allowing her to watch wrestling anyway, which defeated the entire purpose of grounding her. Alexa and her mother are still very close though, as can be seen from Alexa's "My Daughter is a WWE Superstar" video.

9 She Shared A Trainer With Dana Brooke

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Alexa and Dana Brooke are known to have competed as part of the Arnold Classic together, but it seems that the duo has known each other since they were around 14-years-old. Alexa and Dana both trained with the same people and it seems that Dana still has the same trainer to this day. Meanwhile Alexa has moved on to a different woman when it comes to her training.

Alexa and Dana both had different routes into WWE, but it's crazy to think that they have both come from such similar backgrounds yet they have both ended up in WWE together and are playing their parts in the Women's Revolution right now. Alexa also talked through a lot of her training regiments which made it all make sense when it comes to her and Dana's ability in WWE right now.

8 Her Grandmother Got Her Into Wrestling

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Alexa has been a fan of wrestling for most of her life and even though her mother was against her watching the Attitude Era of WWE, her grandmother was a huge fan of wrestling and used to take her to see a lot of the WWE shows live in Columbus as well as showing her the local Independent Promotions.

Alexa stated that her Grandma would teach her so much about wrestling, and it was her knowledge of the sport that allowed her to stand out because she used to have video tapes of some really old wrestling matches and she was convinced that she was going to marry Dusty Rhodes some day. Alexa stated that she wasn't allowed to tell her that Dusty was going to lose a match because she went pretty crazy.

7 She Suffers From Anxiety

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As someone who puts herself in the public eye for the most part of her life, it seems an odd concept that Alexa could suffer from Anxiety. But it appears as though Alexa has always had a problem with anxiety.

Now that she's an adult, she manages it quite well. She did state that when she was told that she was being turned heel after many years of being a fairy princess type character, it gave her mad anxiety. She tried everything to be a bad guy but whenever she was training at the Performance Center, she would break down and cry because she didn't think she would be able to do it. Thankfully, she fought through the tears and was able to become a convincing bad guy, which is why she is currently doing so well on WWE's main roster.

6 She Graduated At The Schottenstein Centre In Columbus, Ohio

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Alexa's first ever episode of Monday Night Raw (when she made her wrestling debut on the show as part of the Fatal Four-Way match that crowned a new Number One Contender to Bayley's Raw Women's Championship), actually took place in the same building that Alexa graduated from high school in.

Alexa stated on the Talk is Jericho podcast that she had flown home early and managed to spend a few days with her family before the show and it was incredible to be able to come back and wrestle in the same building that her and 600 classmates had graduated from a few years before. She that she had appeared in the arena as part of NXT a long time ago and even had her prom in this building, which means it holds some great memories for her.

5 She Was 96 Pounds When She Debuted In WWE

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WWE told Alexa that she had to gain 10-15 pounds before she was allowed to step into the WWE ring. She was like a stick at that point and it was dangerous for her to be able to wrestle with people. So there wasn't a lot that WWE could do with her.

Alexa was used to being so small and always being within three pounds of show shape that she had allowed herself to do to be in the right shape to be a bodybuilder. It was hard for her to adjust when it comes to NXT and how much different they are when it comes to actual training and being able to gain weight. But Alexa actually managed to adjust after a while thankfully and began gaining some weight.

4 She Competed In The Arnold Classic From The Age of Five

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It is well-known that Alexa competed in The Arnold Classic, something that is held in Columbus every year. But Alexa recently revealed that she began competing as part of the event when she was just five-years-old.

She did gymnastics for about seven years before she moved into All Star Cheerleading and then bodybuilding. She stated that she hasn't missed a cCassic since she was five and has become a yearly thing for her. It seems that every outfit as part of the classic has to be approved and when she did her final swimsuit show she wore a bikini with chains and spikes that she hadn't had approved and she almost got disqualified. She said she knew it was her last time competing so she wanted to do something different.

3 She Was Given A Pro Card As A Bodybuilder

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Alexa worked hard for many years to become a bodybuilder as a way to come back from her struggles after having an eating disorder. Alexa stated that it was her determination that allowed her to manage to be one of the youngest women ever to be awarded a pro-card. But instead of pursuing it was a career she decided that she wanted to do something else.

This was when Alexa found out that WWE was having tryouts and she decided that maybe wrestling could well be the career choice that she wanted to switch to at that time. It was a drastic switch but it seems as though it was one that was one of her best decisions since she has managed to climb through the ranks in the company quite quickly.

2 She Was Once A Cheerleader

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Alexa was a cheerleader for many years as both an All-Star and a competitive cheerleader before her eating disorder troubles began.his is where Alexa's gymnastics background came into play because it helped so much throughout her cheerleading career.

Alexa has obviously used a lot of what she learned as a gymnast and cheerleader in her WWE move-set because she definitely has such incredible ability when it comes to her in-ring work. She is able to pull off moves that not many other women can do and it seems that this is why Alexa has been pushed to the place where she is right now. Alexa's full ability in a WWE ring hasn't yet been used and it will be interesting to see how she brings the rest of her talent to the table.

1 Alexa Was Once Given Just 24 Hours To Live

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Alexa's battles with anorexia have been well documented by Alexa herself the past few years as she has turned into an inspiration and role model for many women after it was made obvious how much Alexa had managed to overcome.

Alexa stated that at one point her eating disorder was so bad that the doctors gave her just 24 hours to live because she had become so weak and her body needed to fight at this point. This was the turning point for Alexa and she decided that was the point where she was stuck in a hospital and she needed to fix herself and find a way out. That was when she was introduced to bodybuilding which ended up changing her life in the long run and then leading her to WWE.

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